Las Palmas to Caribbean

After few days in Canary Island and getting to know my Captain: Jasiek and his boat we are almost ready to start our sailing on Atlantic Ocean to Caribbean. It is even hard to imagine this journey as we will spend around 18 days with absolutely no ground under feet. Ocean everywhere. Day and night. Crazy but also fascinating. Just think about the sky in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. How many shooting stars will I see. How many fresh fishes we will eat and how good I will become  in being in such extreme environment. There are no external „disturbers“. No internet, no phone, no traffic lights, no lines in the shop, nothing. Only me, just a little bit of water and calmness. Breath in, breath out, enjoy, relax, take it easy. Enjoy nature, free time, long conversation with other crew members. Learn life from the best possible way.
(Jachtostop): I am hitchhiking on Jasiek`s great Piligrim boat. Jasiek is an owner of amazing cruising company: Ortem Sails ( and is organizing sailing adventures all around the globe.
I am very happy to have a chance to sail with him and learn from the bests. 
More to be written from Caribbean :p

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