about TripyDee


I am Kate and I did “it” again!

I quit my job as a Project Manager to fullfill my biggest desire:                 Wanderlust.

I am traveling since years, mostly alone with a backpack, but recently my second biggest love: Sailing took the priority.

As my best moments and places so far, I can easily list: backpacking in South America and South East Asia, sailing to Spitsbergen from Norway, climbing Kilimajaro and sailing over Atlantic Ocean from Europe to Caribbean. Still many to go 🙂

I grew up to slow travels, with no rush, no stick plan and schedule. Mostly even with no destination, as journey itself is the key here.

That is why I also want to document my experiences and share it with my Family, Friends and You. For my own memories and also as some motivation and help in planning for you.




join me in my incredible journey