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Commonwealth of Dominica

Decision taken: we go north to visit Dominica (do not mix it with Dominican Republic).

Seems to be an outstanding island, not too typical for Caribbean region. For us it is even more excitement, as we are planning to finally spend some more time on the ground ;p walking might be challenging and funny.
Custom was easy, you just need to knock the custom door and you get the stamp. We met Albert –  local guide and with his advice we have reanchored in safer area. Next day was sacrificed for some technical work on the Piligrim (our boat) but as well for a nice break to visit the Indian River. Pretty outstanding rainforest views and interesting stories about Dominica. On Monday we decided to rent a car to make a whole island tour. WOW. This island is surely worth to visit. Lovely views, finally some tasty food in Caribe and smiling people. Niceeeee. We split to save some time and I ended up alone in rental company. I got a lovely automatic left hand car (same as in Europe) but it is required to drive on the left side of the road. Seriously. I am gonna kill myself or somebody else. So driving to Jasiek I was simply funny. I was only repeating to myself: no gears and I drive on left side. We had a great time while visiting Dominica, boosting Roussau, calm seasides, beautiful views from the hills and plenty of unbelievable colorful plants. There are 365 rivers in Dominica so the nature is really outstanding. Fully recommended.