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Lisbon, Portugal

My lovely trip has started with a nice buffer time: visiting my friends: Ela and Joao in Lisbon. It was a hard Friday to say goodbye and make this brave step. As always Zielaczek drove me to the airport and tadammm here I am in this interim moment, which I truly hate. I made the decision, there is no way back, but still I do not know, what will happen and where I belong to. Really, hate this but than always something great happens and this time was exactly the same. Surprisingly i met Agata – my friend from high school, so we spent whole flight chatting and listening to our life stories. Really nice memories from the young age hahahahaha

Ela and Joao picked me up from the airport and we went for delicious sea food. Believe it or not, but i ate snails!!! Yes, i did!!! Snails.
Next day was like a „Children`s Day“ 🙂 Ela took me to the Lisbon Zoo, where we have seen the Dolphin Show. Incredible, how smart and lovely those mammals are. They were jumping, spinning around, diving etc. really outstanding. I was sitting with my jaw open enjoying every minute of this lovely experience. Tiago was less childish than me hahahaha Tiago is the sweetest baby boy ever and is one of those kids who do not cry.
Afterwards we went to the Oceanarium, where I kept on „drying my teeth“ from smiling. Very well prepared and organized, where you almost feel like diving with sharks, devil fishes etc.
To have a nice happy end of the day we had another perfect dinner, this time prepared by the Cook Joao. Than a crazy Ladies night in Cuban club. And me naive believed, that i will not drink in Lisbon hahahahahahaha  Ela has no more milk in the freezer, so I am safe 🙂
Sunday appeared to be nice in Nazare and Obidos, but… well staying in bed with a little handover might be also interesting or?