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memories: Kilimanjaro 2012

To be honest no clue, how I even started to dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. To stand on the roof of Africa and see the glacier on almost 6000 meters.

Preparation was already pretty challenging, as it is even hard to imagine, how your body will react on such attitude. Physically I was in a good shape. I made my homework and after long research I decided for Machame route, which lasts 6 days and covers around 80 km. It is longer and more challenging than Marangu route, but gives 1 extra day for acclimatization. Machame route nick name is Whisky route given its reputation to be a hard climb. Maybe a naming: Whisky had some influence on my choice as well hahahaha
After couple of relaxing days at Benoit`s house in Dar es Salaam I moved to Moshi, where I met my guide Prospar. I supposed to join a bigger group, but unfortunately due to some strong food poisoning, they all had to resign from the climb. So I stayed alone against this enormous mountain. Hmm ok, challenge accepted, die trying and similar thoughts were flying in my head.
On top of it Prospar could only speak basic English.
So here we are, starting veeery early in the morning on day 1. Beautiful weather, warm and sunny, everybody excited and motivated. On average it is 8 hours climb per day with around 1000 m attitude increase. When I check the itinerary I am positive till the 5th day, where in total around 17 hours are planned for trek including attacking the summit.
It is incredible, how fast we adapt to new environments and focus only on reaching the goal. I had a clear one: overcome all weaknesses and set my foot on Uhuru Peak (5895 m).
Once you lose track of time and feel like this journey lasts forever, you are on day 3 and the peak seems not to be even tangible. But it was only an illusion, as i already knew i will do it. There was nothing impossible. I got it.This amazing self confidence and strength to fight. Although I had a crisis and attitude sickness with sleepless night spent on vomiting I “simply” did it.
After 4 long days, finally comes time for the hardest part. First going to Barafu Camp on 4600 m and after few hours sleepless rest due to the attitude and excitement I started attacking the summit.
We left the camp before midnight. It was crazy cold with a hard 6 hours uphill. It is impossible to count the time or even think about something. I just walked. Switched off. Enjoyed the stars,full moon and imagined myself on the top. When after 5 hours of this unimaginable trail I finally reached the Stella Point I got wings. Only 1 more hour around the crater and I am there!!!! Believe me, I almost flew there. I got some magic power. I reached the summit of Kilimanjaro (5895m) at 5.45 on 30.09.2012. Celebrate this incredible moment, do some quick photos before freezing to death and descent 5000 m. Simply crazy, but surely worth all those tears and sweat.
It was an incredible feeling of a victory. A proof, that there is nothing impossible. Barriers are in our heads and if we really want, we can break them. Work hard, play harder.