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Where is Dee?

I have just checked in on my FB account and looks like I am in Bogota, Colombia!! I wish, I was there now with my lovely friends drinking Jugos Naturales and pretending I can dance Salsa.

But I am not there, so… guess where I can be now… 🙂 5 points for the winner.

Sounds funny 😉

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Poland – Caribbean – Portugal

After a nice, chilled out vacation break in Poland, it is time to return to the hard life in Caribbean.
I know, life sucks :p

I am first flying again to US to visit my Family and pick up my bag. After couple of days I will reach sunny Martinique, where after quick preparation, we start another cruising. There are 5 main parts this time starting on March 7th and finishing on May 18th.

1. one way: Martinique, Dominica,
Antigua & Barbuda, St. Maartin, British Virgin Islands (BVI)

2. around BVI,where we are additionally planning to make some nice  dives

3. crossing the Atlantic Ocean again 🙂 so BVI, Bermuda, Azores

4. one way: Azores – Portugal
5. boat maintanace in Lisbon

I think, i should write an extended post abouth packing for such long trip. I think, I reached the mastery already!!
I have packed in an extramely small backpack (20 liters handbag)!! How?? 

  • left big backpack in US
  • left some staff on PILIGRIM already
  • gave “few” things to Jasiek 🙂

So, wish me safe flight, sailing and diving 🙂


All details can be found under

I am sooooo excited to finally have my very own

Hopefully you will find it better, than in the latest template.
Also finding old posts should be more feasible.


A brand new and extramely exciting part for me is: Sailing PILIGRIM, where you can find more details about newly planned All Around the World Sailing!!! Don`t look back 🙂

As this is still a big work in progress, I will appreciate all comments and advices and of course, please subscribe, so you do not miss any new post 🙂




Dominican Republic and USA (Jan 2017)

Sadly, i left the boat. But the plan was not that bad. I flew to Dominican Republic to visit my good friend Monika. She has lived in plenty of countries (Spain, China, Chile, and Bulgaria) and I have always visited her there, so it becomes already a tradition. I flew to Santo Domingo and after a quick checking what is going on in this city I moved to Monika to Bayahibe. This town is really nice and not too touristic compare to Punta Cana. There are trips on the Catamaran to the Saona Island, but it did not look too attractive to me, after such a nice sailing time in Windward Islands. So we basically chilled on the beach, had nice dinners, funny party etc. More like a local life style, than an all inclusive tourist. We visited Punta Cana few times, but it is for me like vacation nightmare – only resorts and no real life.

After Dominican Republic I went to US to visit my family. I was so close, that there was no excuse not to go. However the vision of the winter was a bit terrifying. I spent funny time with Lukasz, Agnieszka and my lovely Kasia with Derick. I am a Godmother of a sweetest girl in the world. Besides I managed to see Magda and Susy with Lucy, who hosted me in Bolivia 3 years ago J
We managed to do a quick tour in NY, while Jasiek was flying via US. We had the best guide in NY – Marco, who told us plenty of funny stories and even though the weather was really bad, we had a great time.

I have also managed to plan my next parts of the trip, so: Jamaica, Europe and back to Caribbean 

Caribbean Windward Islands

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean I have spent a month in the Caribbean Windward Islands. For first 2 weeks, it was only 2 of us trying to combine nice vacation time with boat maintenance. We have focused on the Martinique and outstanding Dominica. During those 2 weeks we managed to totally clean PILIGRIM, repair Genoa sail, anchor relay, pimp the stairs, do 12 washing machines, squeeze shrouds, change oil, clean filters etc. Hard work, but also amazing time: full of complicated technical lessons mixed with unforgettable preparation of Pierogi (Polish Dumplings) for the Christmas Eve.

We met few interesting people and lived nice, simple life. Justyna, Tomek, Albert, Marika, Klaudia, Ela are part of this time. After the Christmas we have started the commercial route to the Windward Island. Whole route took us 11 days and was very well prepared. To save some money and time, Jasiek had a great idea to make a night passage from Martinique straight to Bequia in St. Vincent and Grenadines. Besides lovely Bequia, we have visited as well Union and Palm Island, Mayreau with Saltwistle Bay, where we spend our New Year`s Eve Party, Tobago Cays for after party chill and on the way back: Mustique and St. Vincent with its Wallilabou and Cumberland Bays and finally St. Lucia with outstanding Pitons. Of course I have climbed one 🙂
Whole route is fully recommended as besides lovely views, there is very nice interior. Unfortunately there are no cheap fruits or vegetables. In general food in Caribbean is surprisingly bad and expensive. We had some lovely chilling moments, snorkeling, visiting “Antek”, who is a fan of Poland J Dying after an “easy trekking” to Petit Piton. Hahaha that was good, I guess I could not find easier way for the first warm up walk after such a long time on the boat… This easy trek was a pretty technical challenge, where half of the way is with the ropes and some of vertical climbs. Easy one…
Unfortunately every good thing must reach their end. This time as well… So sadly I had to say goodbye to Jasiek and Windward Islands.
Now it is time to visit Monika in Dominican Republic. I have already visited Monika in Spain, China, Chile and Bulgaria, so I can be prepared for a lot of fun 

Atlantic Ocean Crossing 2016 movie :)

I have promised to prepare the movie from the Atlantic Passage. It took me a while and was a bit of challenge to do 4 minutes movie from 4 weeks of trip, but I hope that you will feel at least a part of the excitement we had during this outstanding cruise.
Amazing people, great atmosphere, safety and very professional preparation. Simple life, highlighting beauty of no civilization.
Please share your opinion with me and of course the movie if you like it
Many great thanks to Captain Jasiek, OrtemSails and rest of the crew for this unforgettable cross.

Commonwealth of Dominica

Decision taken: we go north to visit Dominica (do not mix it with Dominican Republic).

Seems to be an outstanding island, not too typical for Caribbean region. For us it is even more excitement, as we are planning to finally spend some more time on the ground ;p walking might be challenging and funny.
Custom was easy, you just need to knock the custom door and you get the stamp. We met Albert –  local guide and with his advice we have reanchored in safer area. Next day was sacrificed for some technical work on the Piligrim (our boat) but as well for a nice break to visit the Indian River. Pretty outstanding rainforest views and interesting stories about Dominica. On Monday we decided to rent a car to make a whole island tour. WOW. This island is surely worth to visit. Lovely views, finally some tasty food in Caribe and smiling people. Niceeeee. We split to save some time and I ended up alone in rental company. I got a lovely automatic left hand car (same as in Europe) but it is required to drive on the left side of the road. Seriously. I am gonna kill myself or somebody else. So driving to Jasiek I was simply funny. I was only repeating to myself: no gears and I drive on left side. We had a great time while visiting Dominica, boosting Roussau, calm seasides, beautiful views from the hills and plenty of unbelievable colorful plants. There are 365 rivers in Dominica so the nature is really outstanding. Fully recommended.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my Friends

This year for the second time in my life I spend Christmas far away from home. 

You are all in my heart and distance is only state of mind. 
I wish you all the best. Hope this Christmas will be magical for You in the same as for me and your secret dreams will come true.
My dreams are just about that :):):)
I will celebrate Christmas Eve with few polish Friends on Martinique and New Years Eve somewhere under the palm tree 🙂
Hohoho Rasta Christmas :):):)