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Hello my old good and new Friends. It is a great pleasure to host you on my newly reopened Travel Blog: TripyDee. I would love to make this place interesting and motivating for you, so I appreciate all your comments, advices and active participation.


I decided to live on boat now and slowly travel the world. So you can find here my old backpacking trips and a brand new project: sailing PILIGRIM. Together with Jasiek, we are planning to sail around the world. Beginning is in September 2017 and few next months we will invest in mastering my sailing skills (Jasiek is already a best Captain i know J), collecting all needed equipment and polishing our photography and videos skills.

When we are talking (writing), we only repeat what we already know, but when we listen (read) we have a chance to learn something new. And I want to learn from you as well.

Please enjoy your time here and stay tunned!!!

join me in my incredible journey