aaaaa, yeah! this is life!!!

trust me – you will never feel such freedom, unless you really leave your comfort zone and let yourself “fly”. Risky but always at the end of a day really amazing!

This is like a positive flow, never ending “winning the lottery”.

If you are open minded and meet people, look for new friends, than suddenly you get to know the best team you ever dreamed of. Fully motivated, smiling, passionate polish team, who is planning a 2┬á days hike and is willing to take you spontaneously with ­čÖé

so of course, not long thinking. quick ok┬á from my Boss ­čÖé thanks though ­čÖé collecting the equipment and ready steady gooooo.

In 2 days we managed to hike over 40 km. We had the best Guide ever: Kirsy – a Finish Girl, with an outstanding Arctic/Hiking knowledge and an amazing positive attitude. She made recently 30 days of a skiing trip in Spitsbergen. 30 days in -30 up to -15 degrees sleeping in a tent and in a wild, unfavorable conditions. You can`s simply cut a tree to make a fire as… there are no trees here.

But, back to our hike… 2 days, 1 night and over 40 km in a wild wild north ­čÖé team of 6 people, 2 adorable dogs and 3 tents ­čÖé

it was not an easy hike, pretty steep climb with a 12kg backpack, rifle and most of the way in a snowshoes. But we made it. Exhaused but extremely happy.


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