What a beautiful one way with a great diversity of the Islands.

We started in Martinique in Le Marin marina, which is already very well known by us and sailed north west up to British Virgin Islands. In 9 days we sailed 353 nM doing 2 night passages to save time for daylight sightseeing of islands. Our crew was also excited to take part in the night navigation shifts and to check any new light on the horizone. From Martinique we went to our beloved Dominica and met with Albert and Felix. We took an advantage to visit Polish tallship Chopin, which was anchoring in Portsmouth. Pretty exciting, as for me it was first time on such a big ship. Maybe one day I will be part of a crew there. Who knows…

Another great island on the way was Guadeloupe. Very nice suprise, as the island is really beautiful and people are very friendly. As there were no cars to rent left, we decided to hop on any bus and see what comes next. Then quick hichhiking and final result was 8 cars, 1 bus, few amazing places and actually whole island drove through. From Pigeon Island to Deshaies, Grand Anse, Point a Pitre, Saint Anne and through mountains. Than quick hop on board and night sail to St. Kitts.

Suprising change of the island character, as St. Kitts looks very dry and compare to Guadelupe totally different. Small sightseeing and chill in beautiful bay. Exactly what we were looking for.

Next day was a looong day sailing to St. Maarten. Lovely weather, smooth sailing and good moods. Simply amazing. Jasiek was looking for a new outboard engine, so we spend few hours motoring from Simpson Bay to Marigot etc. Unfortunately we didn`t manage up to Maho beach, where you can observe landing planes just above your head.

Another night passage to British Virging Island with an amazing pit stop in Bath Bay on the Gorda Island. Beautiful baby blue water, sandy beach and big stones doing a nice labirynth for the water.

We are finising our cruise in Tortola saying goodbye to Arlene, Gary, Karolina, Darek and Maciek.

I Simple loved this one way, thanks to much sailing and variety of nature and landscapes.

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