This cruise is simply lovely. So chilled out, slow motion, full of sun, very short distances, beautiful spots, best skipper :p and last but not least: diving.

We decided to dive to the wreck of RMS Rhone near Salt Island. This year is the 150th anniversary when this British steamer was overhelmed in a tremendous hurricane. All passengers were send under deck to fasten the seat belt and the crew was fighting against the weather. They were motoring up to the limit to avoid crashing on the reef. Due to extremely high temperature of the engine and cold waves washing the deck the steamer simply exploded and started to sink. Over 200 passengers died in this tragedy. Whole crew of 22 man and only 1 passenger survived and were rescued by the inhabitants of the Salt Island.

We went up to 23 meters and swam through the bow of the wrack. Wrack is already pretty rusted but still makes a big impression. Current was very strong, but visibility still good. As Jasiek is a Dive Master and we made a warm up dive a day before I felt very safe and comfortable even in those conditions.

Below photos are from the warm up dive and the lovely video from the wreck:


Next dive planned for tomorrow 馃檪

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