Surprisingly it became my specialization. Such a funny coincidence. Me – a huge sun lover, who appreciates a turquoise water (!!!) felt in love with Spitsbergen. There is some magic which compensates frozen toes and lack of D3 vitamin.

It all started in 2014, when I was 6 months solo backpacking in South America and got a proposal to join sailing trip in French Polynesia or… an expedition from Norway to Svalbard. For me, the choice was obvious!

Arctic here I come! Expect unexpected.

It was cold, it was hard, it was faaar away. Oh yes, it was far away ­čÖé

We were only 2 people on board. Captain – doing a documentary movie and me as a 1st officer and a safety guard (capable to use a rifle already).

Sailing to Spitsbergen took us several days, having 4 hours shits, freezing as hell but still somehow enjoying it (that sounds weird…). No landscapes, only Barents Sea, small Bj├Şrn├Şya Island and Greenland Sea. Tough conditions and pure nature. That was just an outstanding feeling. I felt safe. And we finally reached Svalbard, rainy, cloudy, grey and brrrr. We were extremely tired, hungry, freezed and still enjoyed every second of this moment. Miracles happens ­čÖé We saw a Polar bear with a baby bear. My first and not last Polar Bear I have seen. On that day, I was sure my adventure with Svalbard will for a life long adventure!

So I stayed there several months, sailing around and than living in Longyearbyen – “capital” of Spitsbergen. I walked through unknown paths, discovered amazing places, waited hours to observe little auks and simply breath pure Arctic Air.

I had to leave the island, but I was sure, I will return… And I did!

In 2016 and than in 2018 as a Nature Guide. I got my local summer and winter Guide license and got amazing experience working as a Nature Guide, having day long hikes, or few days long hikes ­čÖé working as a Captain on a motor boat, having fun with my Friends and simply enjoying this amazing life.

It was worth any second! I moved out as I wanted to to try something new. However I keep on returning to Svalbard just to say “hi” to my Friends, my favorite hills and to the inner me ­čÖé

So I organize and guide winter and summer trips to Svalbard as I simply love this place and want to show the beauty of it. This is a nice excuse for me, to return there ­čÖé

I will be happy to support you in planning this unforgettable trip!