It is so amazing to update this site again. It means, that I keep on going!

Oh yes I do… You should see my smile just right now. I love my life!!!

There is no half way. Either you put your heart in something, or just stop doing it!

I do it my way and I work for it very hard. I work professionally for a great polish IT company and combine it with my travel passion. Additionally I organize and guide Arctic Winter/Summer trips and sailing trips.

The best part of it is: yes, I can easily combine those “2 faces”. Just need to concentrate when to wear a dress with high heels and when a merino wool underwear :p






As my best moments and places so far, I can easily list: backpacking in South America and South East Asia, sailing to Spitsbergen from Norway, climbing Kilimanjaro, sailing over Atlantic Ocean (3 times :P) and Annapurna Circuit hike.

Still many to go 🙂

I grew up to slow travels, with no rush, no stick plan and schedule. Mostly even with no destination, as journey itself is the key here.

I love Svalbard/Spitsbergen, so I travel there very often organizing my own tours!